New trade fair for the electricity and energy industry with a focus on the latest technology and sustainable energy solutions

Electrification and digitalisation are in focus as society transitions to fossil-free energy and increased energy efficiency. The electricity industry has entered a growth phase where the demand for innovative technology and smart solutions is growing rapidly in several areas. Developments are rapid and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up to date. At Update by Elfack 2024 you will find the latest technology, knowledge and expertise in the field.

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Product areas 2024

Solar EnergySolar Energy

E-Mobility ChargingE-Mobility Charging

Energy Storage & BatteriesEnergy Storage & Batteries


Electrical installationsElectrical installations

BelysningsteknikLighting Technologies & Systems

Konsulting, Teknik & DesignConsulting, Engineering and Design

Energi och FastighetsautomationEnergy Management & Building Automation

Transmission, Distribution & Smarta ElnätTransmission Distribution & Smart Grids

SäkerhetslösningarSecurity Solutions

You are invited to submit proposals for presentations at Update by Elfack 2024!

The electricity industry is in a growth phase in which the demand for innovative technologies and smart solutions is growing rapidly. Industry players who want to contribute to increasing the pace of the transition will gather at Update by Elfack on 22-23 May 2024. We are now opening up the opportunity to submit proposals for content and stage programmes at Update by Elfack.

A meeting place. Several ways to stay up to date.


Space on stage for the latest technology

Finding information about new products and technologies can be challenging. In an increasingly noisy world, it’s hard to distinguish what’s really interesting. But at Update by Elfack, the latest technology takes centre stage. Companies can present relevant products to an interested audience. On-site and digitally.


Get updated with fascinating case studies

How do other companies do it? And what can I bring to my business to make it a little better, a little sharper? This is where industry comes together to exchange experiences and learn. All on a platform that focuses on solutions, case studies and knowledge – in several different areas. Regardless of the sector, they have one thing in common: yesterday’s solution will not necessarily work tomorrow.


Meetings that create new opportunities

Developments in the coming years will require a host of new professional roles – many of which we wouldn’t even recognise today. At the same time, there is already a shortage of electricians: Sweden lacks 30,000 trained installers. Update by Elfack creates a dedicated space where companies, workers, students and providers of training can meet – and this is precisely the intersection of interests where the jobs of the future will be created.

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